Marriage is Washing each others Feet

Father Richard Heilman posted this image (from on his Facebook page.  A beautiful image of serving and giving in marriage. So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.  For I have set you an example, that you also should do as I have done... Read More


Come Meet Pastor Kevin

Come Meet Pastor Kevin From the Winnipeg Free Press / Sou'wester Community Paper   Rollicking sense of humour. Acapella singing voice. Welcoming manner. Happy priest.   If you know someone that fits these descriptors, then undoubtedly you have met Fr. Kevin Bettens, pastor of Mary, Mother of the Church in Richmond... Read More

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World Day of Prayer – September 1, 2017

Pope Francis appeals for World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation The created world is a gift. As children of God, we are called to be stewards of the rich, natural heritage that surrounds us. Pope Francis has declared September 1st the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.” We are inviting all... Read More


God Enters Our Lives.... the moment of our greatest need. How true is that? Can you relate? I sure can! And am I ever thankful He has been here for me during my hardest days!   Follow our social media links at the top of our MMOC website to see more of these daily great inspirations.  Or sign up for the Dyanamic Catholic daily... Read More


MMOC parishioner Brother Benedict makes his final vows.

Abbot Peter Novecosky, OSB, congratulates Br. Benedict van Ginkel, OSB, on his solemn vows July 11 at St. Peter’s Abbey, and Rev. Lawrence DeMong, OSB on his 60th year of profession as a Benedictine monk of St. Peter’s Abbey. (Photo by Paul Paproski) From the Prairie Messanger/MUENSTER, Sask. — “Since Brother... Read More


Giving Inspiration

Allen Hunt from Dynamic Catholic has an excellent point. "The size of your giving is not measured by how much you give, but by how much is left  over after you give." Luke 21:1-4 NIV - The Widow’s Offering - As Jesus - Bible Gateway // <![CDATA[ var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount',... Read More


Gaga for God

From Facebook, a picture and post from Lady Gaga: Thank you Father Duffell for a beautiful homily as always and lunch at my pop’s restaurant. I was so moved today when you said.. “The Eucharist is not a prize for the perfect but the food that God gives us.” Read More

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Our Family Values: More than Words on a Piece of Paper

An awe-inspiring article by Kimberly Amici. Have fun reading! ************************************************ How Do We Teach Our Children Family Values? Our family’s mission statement is mounted in a beautiful frame in our foyer. It’s there to remind us of what we stand for and to tell others what they can... Read More

5 traits of a good friend 400x400

5 Traits of a Good Friend (& How to Help Kids Develop Them)

Great parenting article by Tricia Goyer. Hope you enjoy! *********************** As a mom of both young kids and older ones, I’ve learned how important it is for my children to find good friends. It’s been said that we are most like the five people with whom we spend the most time. This is especially true for our... Read More


What does the Church say about the Big Bang Theory?

Did you know one of the leading authors of the idea that the universe began with a gigantic explosion was Cosmologist and Jesuit priest Fr. George Lemaitre?  The 'Big Bang Theory' will be celebrated at the Vatican Observatory this May 9-12, with a guest list of some of the world's leading scientists and... Read More