• Prayer

Why do we need to pray ?

  • The development of our Prayer Ministry is directed to seek out the guidance of the Holy Spirit as the Catholic Church is called to evangelize.
  • There have been many Popes now who have desired that the peoples of our modern and highly secular world reach out to Jesus Christ as a viable and enriching part of their lives.
  • It is with prayer that we can call upon the many graces of God in order to fulfill the success in this evangelization of the Catholic Church at large, and in our own parish here at Mary, Mother of the Church.
  • This Ministry works toward being personally connected with Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The Prayer Group was formed as an element of The Prayer Ministry.

 The Prayer Group:

  • Prays for the success of The Renewal of the Catholic Church which works towards it's members being more prayerfully connected with the person of Christ.
  • Meets to pray for one hour every other week from 7-8 pm.
    Thank you to all who attended the prayer group on Monday October 30th. During this time we recalled the feast of All Souls Day, so we listened to a prayer on grief and remembered those we had lost in our life. The song we heard, You Were There, by the Libera boys choir, was comforting to know that God was and is with us, "from the moment we first began." View the video here, on our page.
  • The Prayer group gathers again on Monday November 13th.
  • Saying the Rosary and hearing a clip from Dynamic Catholic's Matthew Kelly, are just some of the things we do during our time together.
  • We are pleased that we currantly have two individuals who have come forward to operate our prepared power point and we thank them in this regard. If there are still others who would like to help, please contact the number or email below.Thanks

  Contact Lorraine Bremault at 204-261-8020 or email.


          In recognition that the Catholic Church has recognized the Apparitions of Mary in Fatima in 1917 and Her request to pray for peace, we would like to ask our parishionners to take the opportunity during your day to say the rosary.


Upcoming Events

Prayer Grp. gathers for 1 hr. every other week.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Prayer Grp. Mon. for 1 hr. every other week.

Monday, December 11, 2017