Fr. Kevin Bettens
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After years of Theological debate and dialogue, the wording in French to the 'Our Father' has been changed. French Catholics prayed a new version on Dec. 3, the first Sunday of Advent, and Massgoers said, "Let us not enter into temptation," rather than the original wording, "Do not submit us to temptation," chosen after the Second Vatican Council.

On Sunday, many parishes passed out sheets containing the new French text, with the changed words in bold, to help hesitant parishioners along. 

From Reuters news, Fr. Emmanuel Schwab, pastor of Saint-Léon Parish in Paris is quoted as saying the new translation was "less ambiguous" than the earlier wording.  "The version 'do not submit us to temptation' made some people think God threw banana peels in front of people to see if they would slip and fall, but that is absolutely not the biblical view of God," he said after Mass.

Critical theologians argued that the former version preserved the notion that God would purposely steer mortals toward sin. This led to decades of debate among experts on what the prayer, which Jesus recited in Aramaic and the evangelists Matthew and Luke recorded in Greek, actually meant.

Maybe a change in the English version is next?  We will have to see where God leads us.

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