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Here is a Christmas wish that touched my heart...

All I Want for Christmas...
by Jim Daly, The Good Dad

I want every child to grow up in a home with a mom and a dad, with parents who tuck them into warm beds on cold nights with a kiss, a hug and prayers of assurance.
• I want the most innocent and vulnerable among us, pre-born children, to be protected under the rule of law.
I want God’s gift of marriage to be celebrated, not redefined.
• I want our nation’s schoolchildren to walk in and out of their classrooms with a spirited and excited spring in their step, not looking over their shoulder or wondering if their school is safe.
I want a world where we celebrate not denigrate our pastors, these brave and courageous individuals who extend God’s love to all people and who preach the Gospel with boldness and courage.
• I want to live in a colorblind society, among people who see the character of a person, not the pigment of their skin or their place on the social class ladder.
I want our leaders to respect our religious freedoms and not force us to choose between violating our conscience and following the laws of the land.
• I want peace, not war – militarily, politically, physically, socially and emotionally.

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