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"Use wisely the time you have. Don’t waste but rather invest your time and bear fruit in your Spiritual Life." - Fr. Kevin

God's desire is for all of us to grow in faith each and every day, strengthening our relationship with Him as we travel through our journey in life.

Here are some simple ways to invest your time wisely.

  1. Pray - every day, and even several times a day when you can. It can be the rosary, longer prayer sessions (Ex. morning or night), or simple short words in the midst of your day (Ex. thanking God for the green light, or asking for guidance before a difficult work meeting).

  2. Read your bible - The bible really is our best owner's manual for how to live our lives. Challenge yourself to read a few minutes a day. Before long, you will be amazed at the lessons you will have learned.

  3. Read daily devotions - There are many great booklets or websites where you can sign up for daily meditations to help inspire your day. (Ex. Dynamic Catholic, The Word Among Us, Jesus Calling, God Calling)

  4. Journal - Take time to talk to God, listen, and then journal your thoughts and what you are hearing. It is amazing how over time, you will be able to hear the Holy Spirit speaking and guiding you. And looking back over your notes, you will see the growth in your spiritual journey.

  5. Memorize scripture - memorizing your favorite verses can be very uplifting when needed quickly in time of stress or emergency (e.g. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phillipians 4:13 or "For nothing is impossible with God" Luke 1:37)

  6. Read Christian books - Google Christian books, check out MMOC library or e-resource listing, or various catholic sites (Ex. Dynamic Catholic, Word on Fire, Catholic Home Study)

  7. Attend Mass regularly - spend time weekly worshiping God, and listening to God's Word and direction.

  8. Join a book, bible or faith study program at MMOC.  (ex. Alpha, RCIA, Lent study)

  9. Be part of a small group - Having a few close spiritual friends is vital to a person's long term health and spiritual well-being. Find a few friends, and meet regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) for fellowship, support and to discuss a spiritual topic (suggestion - use a book/dvd study).

  10. Watch Christian movies - there are so many great Christian movies with inspiring messages. Find one at the theatre, on netflix or on DVD.

  11. Listen to Christian music - Worship and praise music will lift your spirits. Listen on the radio, internet/you-tube or DVD.

  12. Listen to Christian pod-casts - Take advantage of time - driving to/from work, at lunch hour, or relaxing at home - to fill your mind with Christian insights (Ex. Catholic podcasts, Daily Hope)

  13. Spend time with Christian friends - you will enjoy the company and benefit from the spiritual support.

  14. Pray for others - Your family, friends, colleagues....  (Tip, when driving or going for a walk, pray for the people you see and families in the houses you pass by.) God hears all our prayers.

Do you have additional ideas on how to invest your time wisely? If so, please email us, or comment below.


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