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Have you seen our new Bravo cards?

These small cards can have a big impact!

Pick up your deck of cards and hand them out to people who are exhibiting “acts of love.”

It could be kids, adults, couples, parents, or grandparents:

-     performing acts of kindness

-     showing love and respect, or

-     serving others

When you give them a Bravo card, you’re telling them that their behavior inspired you, has taught you something, or has simply made you smile.  If someone gives you a Bravo card, pay it forward by catching someone else in a “loving act.”

The MFL Team encourages you to pick up your deck of cards now at the MFL or welcome table.

Thanks for supporting the Marriage, Family and Life ministry.

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Sara Mitchell 11 days ago

These attractive Bravo cards are definitely inspirational for us! These cards do not only impact us but these cards have the ability to transform life as well. When we make these types of attractive cards for the students to motivate and improve their academic performance this would help them in their nursing coursework . So, it is the best way to motivate the students in their academic aims.

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