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Looking for some spiritual programming and entertainment to feed your soul?

Check out  to see upcoming Christian programs and movies.  Including The Francis Impact!


The Francis Impact tells the remarkable stories of individuals and communities who have been impacted by Pope Francis and the changes he’s made within the first five years of his papacy.  Check out more details including the trailer here!


The Francis Impact features four impactful stories:

  • Friendship from Tragedy in Quebec – details the friendship and alliance that formed between the Cardinal-Archbishop of Quebec and a mosque founder in Quebec City after an anti-immigrant attack killed and injured many worshippers in the mosque.
  • Refugee Crisis in Lampedusa – shares the stories of thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East who perished in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach Europe.
  • Water Over Gold in El Salvador – outlines how the Catholic Church, inspired by Pope Francis, took to the streets to demand legislation be passed by the government of El Salvador to ban all metallic mining.
  • Pastoral Reform in Minnesota – introduces viewers to lifelong devoted Catholics going through the lengthy annulment process and the impact Francis’ reforms made on their relationship and families.



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