Shawnda Muir
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Can you help out this Christmas Season before/after Mass?

As you are all aware our wonderful church community is growing. As a result we are finding our Christmas masses overwhelmingly full!

The usher program has a good handle on things inside the church. However we are now finding that the parking lot requires full time attendants for many of these masses. The Winnipeg Football Club has graciously loaned us the use of all the necessary equipment to safely and effectively assist the flow of traffic in our parking lot. We are currently working on a formal parking lot program, more details to follow.

To properly execute this program we are seeking 25 to 30 volunteers to cover all the masses on a rotating shift. This is a whole parish request.

If you can not assist please encourage anyone you know 16 years or older to consider helping us make our church even greater!

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or even better to sign up!  Corey Bossuyt

Also, to continue our welcoming parish goal, we require additional greeters and welcome table attendants.  Please contact volunteer coordinator for more info or to sign up!




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