Shawnda Muir
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This article caught my attention, as I sure have an increased appreciation for hugs over the last couple of years. Hope you enjoy it too.  Click here for full article details.

Did you know that it’s scientifically proven that hugs contribute to one’s overall well being?

  • Hugs instantly boost oxytocin levels.

    This causes the huggers to bond. The release of this hormone is associated with contentment and relaxation. It even has the ability to heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger.

  • Hugs boost self-esteem.

    Touch, especially from a parent, communicates to a child that they’re special and that they are loved. Memories of these physical interactions remain with children well into adulthood.

  • Hugs are an investment into a relationship.

    The action alone, even without the exchange of words, speaks volumes. It encourages empathy and understanding, plus it builds trust and a sense of safety which facilities open and honest communication.

  • Hugs not only benefit our emotions but our physical bodies too.

It relaxes muscles and releases tension in the body. Hugs can actually take away pain and soothe aches.

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