Fr. Kevin Bettens
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I love you Jesus in early morn

The lone goose calls her mate forlorn

Stars slowly fade in dawning light

As dark gives way to growing bright  


I love you Jesus for Your trees, Your leaves

Your birdsongs borne on gentle breeze

The city rises from its nightly sleep

And I awake to promise keep  


Heart fills with joy, my beads swing free

I speak the works in praise of Thee

Our Father Who art in Heaven

Hail Mary, Glory Be times seven  


For it’s the dawn of new day

Another chance to You to pray

To show the love I have for You Because I know You love me too  


You call me to You at noon

Your Body cannot come too soon

I’m taken by Your Holy Gift

My soul Your Body does uplift  


And here I gather with Your friends

For my mistakes I make amends

Adore Your life, it’s warm embrace

Your pure Love lights my waiting face  


My day complete I worship You

For You alone make prayers come true

Mother Mary and the Blessed Three

Lead me from sin and set me free.  


© Wayne Wilfrid Wedge November 8, 2004

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