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Hey folks.  Thanks for a great Marriage Builders Series over the last few months. Please find the various week summaries below. As well, all the material (and more!) can be found on the Marriage Builders website.  Enjoy!

Session #6 & 7 May 6 / June 3- He Wins, She Wins

Watched this video, and then some great scenario discussions.  Scenarios  Sample Answers

Session #5 - April 15

The Plan Videos #1 & 2

Identify what are your top Love Busters, and then Emotional Needs. Complete the associated workbook exercises. Email if you want a copy of a specific worksheet.


Session #4

Powerpoint Presentation

His Needs, Her Needs for Parents - summary (by Lisa Rowswell)

Love Buster Videos #3 & 4 

We encourage you to read the text book Love Busters if you want more detail as well. 

See you April 15 for session #5.

Session #3

Powerpoint Presentation

Her Needs - Video Overview #2

Love Buster Questionnaires (His, Hers),

Love Buster Videos #1 & 2 (#3 & 4 will be on March 18)

We encourage you to read the text book Love Busters if you want more detail as well. 


Session #2

Powerpoint Presentation

Emotional Needs Questionnaire

His Needs - Video Overview

  • Sexual Fulfillment
  • Recreational Companionship - See Inventory
  • Physical Appearance
  • Admiration
  • Domestic Support (Peace & Quiet)

Her Needs - Video Overview #1, (#2 to be viewed at Mar 4 session)

  • Affection
  • Intimate Conversation
  • Openness and Honesty (these last 3 to be discussed at Mar 4 session)
  • Financial Support
  • Family Commitment 

For those people interested in watching a 6 part series on His Needs and Her Needs which goes into more detail, click here for the videos, and contact me if interested in borrowing the participant guide/discussion questions.

And, we encourage you to read the text book His Needs, Her Needs if you want more detail as well. 

Enjoy :) 

Session #1

Powerpoint Presentation

Basic Concepts - We read together and had group discussions at each table about each concept.  To catch up, please read each of these concepts, and explore the links in the article to read about the topics in more detail. 

Optional - interested participants completed the Love Bank Inventory to assess their "love bank levels".  This will be completed in class each week.

Books - check out any of the one's listed below and order from or your favorite book supplier.


MMOC's next series of marriage presentations will follow Dr. Harley's practical hands-on program which includes assessments, videos, discussions and workbooks based on the following books:

- His Needs, Her Needs  
- Love Busters
- The 5 Steps to Romantic Love
- He Wins, She Wins 
- He Wins, She Wins - the Art of Marital Negotiating
- Surviving an Affair

Each session will be from 7-9 pm at MMOC.

- January 28 - Program Overview, testimonies, initial assessments, book orders 
- February 11 - His Needs, Her Needs  
- March 4 - Her Needs, Love Busters
- March 18 - Love Busters, 
- April 15 - The 5 Steps to Romantic Love
- May 6 - He Wins, She Wins - The Art of Marital Negotiating
- June 3 - The Art of Marital Negotiating (con't if needed)

This series will be helpful for any one in a relationship, wanting to learn from a prior relationship, or interested in a new relationship.






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