Shawnda Muir
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Dear Friends,

Do you sometimes struggle knowing how to support and respond to people who are dealing with life challenges?
Could be your spouse, family member or friend? Could be related to work issues, marriage challenges, family problems or more.

Likley so... and the good news is, you are not alone!  We all struggle at different times knowing how to best support our friends and loved ones.  And now there is help available....

You are invited to:

Workshop on Active Listening & Empathetic Responding
June 16, 2021  7-8:30 PM 
Online via Zoom
Free admission - donations welcome
Presented by the Arch Diocese of St. Boniface

This 1.5 hour session will offer practical info on learning how to listen to build rapport, understanding and trust – whether with your spouse, family members or friends

This First Responders’ Skill Series #1 event is open to all (regardless if you attended the original First Responders Workshop)!!

Please click here for further details (or email  And click here to register by June 10.

God Bless,

Your Marriage, Family and Life Team