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Dear Friends,

It's no fun putting your foot in your mouth!

When is the last time you fired off an angry email and wished you could take it back? Or you said something in anger and later regretted it? Every day, people speak and type words that hurt others. We know better. But we still do it.

This video series will help you learn the four principles of grace-filled communication.

Episode 1: Why Do We Speak Before We Think?

In the first episode, Jim Daly and author Emerson Eggerichs discuss how our resentful, bitter, exasperated, words are usually rooted in fear or anxiety in our soul. In this series, we want to help you think through how you communicate and make your speech more grace-filled.

Episode 2: Tweets and Consequences

In part two, Emerson Eggerichs shares that people are especially vulnerable to using hurtful words in emails and social media posts. Sarcasm, coarse joking, and criticism often send messages we don’t intend. And sometimes, the result can be catastrophic.

Episode 3: The Opportunity to be a Skilled Communicator

In the third part, Jim Daly and Emerson Eggerichs highlight that Christians have a real opening to shine the light of Jesus and become people of influence by speaking and writing with kindness and civility.

Episode 4: Principle #1 - Are My Words True?

In part four, Emerson Eggerichs asks a critical question: Will you commit to being a person of honesty, even if there’s a price to pay?  While truthfulness can sometimes come with short-term loss or pain, the long-term effect is beneficial.

Episode 5: Principle #2 - Are My Words Kind?

In the fifth part, Jim Daly and Emerson Eggerichs point out that “truth without kindness is cruelty.” When you deliver a message in an unkind way, most people don’t hear what you’re saying. They just detect a tone that’s unloving.

Episode 6: Principle #3 - Are My Words Necessary?

In part six, Jim Daly and Emerson Eggerichs go through a helpful checklist before you send that email. Is the timing right? Is this information relevant to the recipient? Are you just venting?

Episode 7: Principle #4 - Are My Words Clear?

In the seventh and final part, Emerson Eggerichs shows us how communicating in a manner that your audience understands is just as important as kindness, truthfulness, and necessity.

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