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Dear Friends,

I hope you have been enjoying the summer months, including some rest and relaxation! Here is an article from Dr. Gary Chapman that can help you enjoy the last few weeks of summer by being INTENTIONAL with how you spend your time.  Enjoy! 


Each person who draws breath on this earth receives the same amount of time each day: 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds. But at the end of that day, the time is gone.

Time cannot be stolen, exchanged, refunded, stockpiled, or hacked. Time is extremely limited—and insanely in demand. Think of all that competes for your time on a daily basis. Overwhelmed yet?

Many of us live at a frantic pace. Our calendars are overflowing; we run from one activity to the next. There's constant noise in our lives. We're always “connected.” But are we actually connecting with others?

Busyness does not equal importance.

Today, be intentional in your relationships (and life!). Make time to spend with those you love and care about.

Love is a choice. Love is a verb.
Dr. Gary Chapman 

Author of The 5 Love Languages®
Discover your love language at

Could you use a little creativity in speaking love and appreciation to others? Here are a few suggestions to inspire you:

·        WORDS OF AFFIRMATION: “My husband has been adding on to his trailer. Each night he will come get me and show me the progress he made. I enjoy praising him on the hard work he has done. I know me seeing the work means a lot to him.” —Stephanie

·        ACTS OF SERVICE: “My husband is selfless. One of the ways he shows his love is regularly to create and cook a meal. I never had this in my previous marriage, but he knows how much it means to me and how much I appreciate it.” —Barbara

·        GIFTS: Pillow presents can be small and playful as much as they are meaningful. When the one you love isn‘t looking, place a small gift on their pillow. It may or may not take some time for them to notice, but when they do, you will most certainly know. The fun is in the anticipation.

·        QUALITY TIME: “During a recent jog through the park, I saw a couple painting blank canvases in the park with music playing on a portable speaker in the background. They created an entire set up with the canvases, music, and charcuterie board at a small park picnic table. I ordered blank canvases and did the same thing—such a great experience and a unique idea for quality time together.” —Jasmine

·        PHYSICAL TOUCH: Create a few appropriate “Physical Touch” coupons for your loved ones and offer for them to use the coupons at their leisure. Be creative and remember to consider their particular love language dialects . . . not everyone likes to be touched the same way. If you don‘t have a design program on your phone or computer, Canva has a “tickets” template that will get you started.


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