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Dear Friends,

As November and the thanksgiving month comes to a close and the Christmas and New Year season approaches, I hope you enjoy this article from Gary Chapman for some UNCOMMON HOLIDAY DATE IDEAS! 

Dating is an important part of romantic relationships, and this certainly shouldn't stop when a couple gets married. Spending time together, learning more about one another, and connecting emotionally are all necessary for maturing as a couple. 

Meaningful dates require intentionality and creativity. What is meaningful for you may not be as meaningful for your partner. So I challenge you to consider incorporating your partner’s primary love language. This will make the date more meaningful to your partner, and more memorable for you as a couple. 

If you could use some date inspiration this holiday season, here are two things you can do: 

1.     Discover his or her love language. If you don’t know your partner’s love language, send this quiz and ask him or her to share the results with you. Then use this information to create a date that incorporates that particular way of expressing love.

2.     Download this free, new resource: 5 Uncommon Holiday Dates. This holiday-themed resource is packed with five fun and creative date ideas so you and your loved one can spend more time with each other and less time figuring out what to do. As a bonus, each date incorporates ways to express the five love languages.
This season, may your holidays be filled with love and joy. 
Dr. Gary Chapman 

Author of The 5 Love Languages®
Discover your love language at 


Could you use a little creativity in speaking love and appreciation to others? Here are a few suggestions to inspire you:

·        WORDS OF AFFIRMATION: What better way to give thanks than by saying, “Thank you for being you!” This may seem simple, but how often do we take for granted those nearest to us?

·        ACTS OF SERVICE: If you have more money than time this holiday season, hire someone to do the acts of service that you know your spouse would appreciate most, such as a deep cleaning of your home before the festivities begin.

·        RECEIVING GIFTS: Set out personalized “tip” jars for each child in attendance this Thanksgiving. Encourage guests to write “tips for a good life” on slips of paper and drop them in each jar (with a little money if they wish). Then present each child with their personalized jar as the evening comes to a close.

·        QUALITY TIME: Don’t just buy presents this holiday season, be intentional about being present. Limit your time on games and mobile devices, turn off the T.V. after the game ends, and simply enjoy life and conversation with those you love.

·        PHYSICAL TOUCH: Take a break in the midst of your Thanksgiving preparations. Before your guests arrive, put some music on and slow dance with your spouse in the kitchen.


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