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Dear Friends,

Dishonesty destroys relationships - and not always immediately. Even after a lie has long been exposed, it can still wreak havoc on a marriage.  If your spouse lied to you in the past and it is still bothering you, there may be several reasons why it’s nagging at you – and ways you can work towards healing.

So if you have ever had trouble moving forward after your spouse lied to you, then check out this blog, where Dr. Les & Leslie are talking about some of the reasons why this might be the case. Click here to read more. 


Do you resent your spouse?

Resentment is an insidious force that creeps into marriages and cripples them often leading to long term damage. It’s important to rid your marriage of any resentment that might exist, choosing instead to focus on your love for one another. But sometimes, resentment roots into your attitude toward your spouse anyway, and it takes work to weed it out again.

So if you’re feeling resentful of your spouse, it’s time to root out those hard feelings. In this blog post, Dr. Les & Leslie are showing you five ways to reset when you’re feeling resentful of your husband or wife. 


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