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Dear Friends,

Marriage is not easy sometimes. That’s true for all of us, right?

In a troubled marriage, it sometimes feels like there are only two options — stay and be miserable, or get out and seek happiness elsewhere. That’s a myth, says best-selling author and marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman. In this series, Dr. Chapman and Focus on the Family president Jim Daly discuss a third and better option. With the help of God, you can choose to be a positive influence in your marriage and create conditions in which your spouse can change his or her behavior. 

Click below to learn more from Dr. Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages, on how to love your spouse when you feel like walking away.

In each session, you’ll get Dr. Chapman’s expert relationship insights about dealing with heavy-duty issues in marriage and how your emotional needs dictate how you act.

He teaches you how to recognize and reject marriage myths, take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings and make choices that can have a positive impact on your spouse.

If your spouse is controlling, absent, abusive, depressed, unfaithful, or grappling with addiction, Dr. Chapman will speak to your situation in this series.

Episode 1: Living in Reality

Episode 2: How Our Emotional Needs Drive Behavior

Episode 3: The Depressed Spouse

Episode 4: The Controlling Spouse

Episode 5: The Physically Abusive Spouse

Episode 6: The Unfaithful Spouse

We hope you found some nuggets of help thru this series.


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