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Dear Friends,

Do you have any adult children? and ever struggled with your relationships with them?  Well, you are not alone!  I hope you enjoy this series as much as I have, including many good nuggets included, such as the article Are You Saying the Wrong Things to your Adult Children.


Free video series: Healing Parent and Adult Child Relationships from Focus on the Family with Dr. John Townsend

Are you concerned about the chilly silence between you and your adult child? Perhaps your child is slow to return your calls and makes all kinds of excuses for not coming to visit. Or maybe it’s been months since you’ve heard from your child at all. It could be that your child is giving other kinds of signals, but it’s clear that your child is harbouring resentment toward you and they don’t seem able to let it go.

If you’re anxious to make things right between you and your grown child but nothing appears to be working, this FREE seven-part video series will bring new hope for your situation.

Created from a Focus on the Family Broadcast, the video series features expert insights from psychologist and counsellor Dr. John Townsend to help you build a bridge to your child and defuse the tension between you.

Here are the topics of each short video in the series:

Video 1: What Soured the Relationship in the Past?

Video 2: Parental Manipulation

Video 3: Parents Modelling Humility

Video 4: Steps to Forgiveness

Video 5: Walking on Eggshells

Video 6: Estrangement

Video 7: Asking God for Help in Your Relationships

You can get started by clicking here now!


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