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Dear Friends,

Here is an interesting article I came across from Dr. Gary Chapman (author of 5 Love Languages) and Dr. Paul White,  that I often hear people stressing about - How to Decide When It's Time to Quit Your Job.  If this applies to you or a friend, I hope you find it helpful.  (P.S. Free E-book link below!)


Conflict, hurt, anger, poor communication, lack of appreciation—for decades I (Dr. Chapman) have sought to help men and women deal with such issues in marriage. Today numerous individuals experience these same painful realities at work. Countless employees suffer in toxic workplaces, and perhaps you are one of them. 

Healthy workplaces grow from high mutual respect and sensitivity to others. They are created when employees and managers learn how to express appreciation for positive traits and kindly confront each other when they are concerned about the quality of work being done. All of us have the emotional need to feel appreciated by those with whom we work. Most of us are willing to admit that we are not perfect and always have room for improvement. We are willing to improve if those who supervise us are willing to show us a road that will make us more effective. 

If you work in a toxic workplace or have a friend that does, you know it can be a deeply discouraging and draining experience. That being said, I’d like to help those dealing with toxic bosses, or those who are ensnared in toxic organizations. My coauthor, Dr. Paul White, has put together a helpful digital resource called How to Decide When It's Time to Quit Your Job. We’d like to give it to you ABSOLUTELY FREE (no strings attached). 

To get your FREE digital copy of How to Decide When It's Time to Quit Your Job —> CLICK HERE. 
Dr. Gary Chapman 

Author of The 5 Love Languages®
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Could you use a little creativity in speaking love and appreciation to others? Here are a few suggestions to inspire you:

·        WORDS OF AFFIRMATION: “I sent the teachers of my seven-year-old daughter, who lives long distance and is in second grade, a card recently that says how I feel and how appreciative I am.” —Amber

·        ACTS OF SERVICE: “My husband lets me give him an at home spa. I massage his feet, exfoliate his face, apply moisturizers, etc. It gives us both great joy as his love language is Acts of Service. He feels relaxed and can see the good of what I have done for him.” —Luz

·        GIFTS: Have you seen our Love Languages™ Gift Guide? If not, check it out here. 

·        QUALITY TIME: “I currently work in a different country. I set a reminder to call my boyfriend at the same time every morning to wish him a good day. He calls me every evening on his drive home from work. It’s a good way to get through traffic and we get to have long, uninterrupted conversations.” —Dee

·        PHYSICAL TOUCH: “My wife likes Physical Touch and Acts of Service. We like to stop at Tim Horton’s in the morning (in two different vehicles) and I go through the drive thru and I buy coffee or breakfast for both of us. Then, we exchange kisses and hugs one last time before wishing each other a good day before heading off separately.” —Nate


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