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Dear Friends,

You love your boys deeply, but do you ever struggle connecting with your son? And finding new ways to relate to and motivate your son?

We invite you to learn ways to have a better relationship with your son, by watching this series “Recognizing Your Son’s Need for Respect,” by Dr. Emerson and Focus on the Family.

Video 1 - The Love and Respect Principle

In the first video of “Recognizing Your Son’s Need for Respect,” Dr. Emerson offers a biblical explanation for why men and boys are wired for respect while women and girls are designed to seek love.

This is part of God’s good plan for us, but in our broken human nature, we often react in frustration or anger. As a result, we end up feeling disconnected and misunderstood.

This can certainly be true of moms and their sons.

Take heart though! Dr. Eggerichs says when moms show respect to their sons, it causes boys to move toward — not away from — their mothers. 

That’s much better than stonewalling.   

Video 2 - How Does Respect Change Your Son

In Episode #2, Dr. Eggerichs talks about how boys interpret their mother’s words, tone, and demeanor very differently than girls do.

Even when Mom means no disrespect with her words of correction, her son detects something very different. He hears condemnation of his character and disapproval of the state of their relationship.

This is an important distinction. Let’s explore how moms can avoid going down this road. ... Read more!

Video 3 - Moving Beyond Yelling, Tears, and Regret

Mom, you often find yourself in a tough spot. Day after day, you remind your son to do his chores and finish his homework. And yet, it feels like your words bounce off the ceiling. He doesn’t hear you.

When you have to get your son motivated, what words do you use? Do you feel like you have to resort to yelling or nagging to get him to hear you?

That can lead to his tears and your regret. That’s no fun for either of you!

At Focus on the Family, moms tell us all the time that this is a big struggle with their boys. But today’s video can help alleviate that pressure!

In this third installment, Dr. Eggerichs shares some practical, everyday phrases that moms can use to express their disappointment or anger in positive ways, while still showing their sons the respect they crave.

As he grows up, your son is beginning to appreciate more and more that you can entrust him with responsibility. You, as his mom, ought to give him the opportunity to own it. .... Read more.

Video 4 - Learning the Vocabulary of Respect

One of the most difficult challenges for a mom can be confronting her son’s poor behavior while still affirming him as a person.

In this fourth episode, Dr. Eggerichs shares how Mom can use a specific kind of vocabulary to speak her son’s “respect language” and yet still address his shortcomings....Read more!

Video 5 - Words and the Power of Unconditional Respect

In this fifth and final episode, Jim Daly and Dr. Eggerichs discuss how our culture has perpetuated a false notion that respect must be earned.

Instead, a biblical view says that respect — like love — ought to be given unconditionally.

It is not always easy, but you can do it.... Read more!


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