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Dear Friends,

Marriage - the joining of two people with distinct backgrounds, personalities, and perspectives is a beautiful thing, but it’s guaranteed to come with challenges as well.

And if marriage can be tough, you can imagine that remarriage is even tougher! You might be adding children from one or both spouses’ previous relationships. You’re also adding the pain that accompanied the end of those previous relationships, whether it was divorce, the death of a spouse, or other factors. You’re adding a whole new set of extended family members. And the list goes on. The challenges are real, and they go way beyond anything you saw on The Brady Bunch.

If your blended family is feeling frustrated, misunderstood, or alone, there is good news for you. Focus on the Family has produced a FREE series of seven short video clips called Thriving Stepfamilies — Overcoming Common Challenges in Blended Families. These brief segments are brimming with practical tips and advice to help you and your loved ones find peace, harmony, and trust in your blended home! And each video includes discussion questions and additional resources to help you on your journey.

Episode 1: Making a Good Blend: Challenges and Opportunities

Episode 2: Triangled: Your Marriage, the Kids, and Your Blended Family.

Episode 3: Former Spouses, Co-Parenting, and Between-Home Challenges

Episode 4: The 6 P's of Stepparenting

Episode 5: Freedom for Those Between Homes

Episode 6: Financing Family Togetherness

Episode 7: Turning Points—Research Insights for a Good Blend


God Bless,

Your Marriage, Family and Life Team