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Dear Friends,

Do you ever feel Not OK in life? Struggling with anxiety, stress and burnout, depression, or grief?  Wondering if you will ever find hope and joy again?  Please know you are not alone.  And this blog with info from Focus on the Family will hopefully help you too.  Enjoy.

Free video series: What to Do When You’re Not Okay  With Debra Fileta

Free Booklets on Anxiety, Stress & Burnout, Depression, Grief- see below.

Struggling with your mental and emotional health is hard, but there’s help available for you. This free seven-part video series called What to Do When You’re Not Okay will give you comfort, wisdom and biblical truths to support you in your journey to wellness.

Debra Fileta, counsellor, speaker and author of Are You Really OK?, will teach you to recognize how past struggles are affecting your life today, how to combat stigmas surrounding mental health, how the healing process works, and how to grow closer to God in the midst of these struggles. We hope these lessons will guide you through whatever hardship you may be facing. 

Topics covered include:

Examining Emotional Health and Panic Attacks
Icebergs, Volcanoes and Healing
Juggling Life and Our Overall Well-being
Mythbusting the Stigmas of Mental Health
Healing From Trauma
The Limp We Carry

Check out this series, which includes many articles on emotional health from a variety of speakers, and questions and prayers to help along the way. 

We also invite you to check out these PDF booklets we have created:

o   Understanding and Navigating Anxiety: Anxiety itself is a natural, normal reaction to threat and danger, but living in a heightened state of worry and fear is not how we’re meant to live. The good news is relief is possible. In this free booklet, you’ll find professional advice, biblical insights and follow-up resource suggestions to help you better understand and navigate anxiety in your own life, in your marriage, as a parent and specifically with your teens.

o   Stress and Burnout: Unchecked stress over long periods of time can cause a host of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. Burnout, while similar, comes with its own unique set of issues and requires special treatment. In this free booklet, you’ll find articles and resource suggestions to help you identify and deal with stress – or even burnout – at work, as an individual, in your marriage and as a parent.

o   Dealing with Depression: Depression is hard, especially for Christians who have been given a message that if we pray hard enough, trust God more fully or give it all to him more completely, we “should not” even experience this. We want to release you from this shame-filled message. In this booklet, you will learn the factors that can lead to both clinical and reactive depression, symptoms to watch for in yourself and those around you, how to help a loved one, spouse and/or child who may be struggling, and how we can look to God even in our darkest valleys.

o   Walking Thur Grief - While there is no formula for grieving, we want to equip you if you're on this journey yourselef or if you'd like to know how best to come alongside a friend. 

Life as a Christ-follower is a beautiful journey, but can be a very challenging one as well. You don’t have to walk it alone. Don’t forget that, should you need it, you can request a free, one-time consultation with one of our professional counsellors. And for ongoing support and guidance, our counsellors can connect you with a Christian counsellor in your area.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Focus on the Family Canada for help by calling 1.800.661.9800. We want to support you in whatever way we can.


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God Bless,

Your Marriage, Family and Life Team