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Each month, we focus on an area that’s relevant to our parishioners. This month’s topic is Marriage, Family & Life which is the umbrella for all the programs we have to support those who are single, engaged, married, separated or divorced, as well as families. Check out our MFL website pages for more details. Or here to see pulpit announcement.

Over the past few months, your Marriage, Family & Life team has busy planning and we’re excited to introduce the following events for 2019-20:

•        Supporting Separation & Divorce class – Oct 21 2019,  12 sessions

•        Women’s Wellness Day – Oct 26 & Apr 18

•        Singles events – Karaoke Night – coming soon!

•        Marriage Preparation weekend – Jan 24/25 & May 29/30

•        Monthly “relationship” presentations/ workshops - Starting again in 2020

•        Men’s Retreat – Feb 2020

We invite you to register or volunteer for any of these events!

Meet the Marriage, Family & Life Team

We have a dedicated group of volunteers who are pleased to share their experience and expertise with others. Your MFL Team Leads are: 

MFL Ministry Co-Leaders:  Shawnda Muir, Chiaka Enaboifo
Marriage Preparation: Lauri Eagles
Marriage, Separation/Divorce Support: Shawnda Muir
Singles: Erin Mcmullan

We currently have two vacancies: Family and Life Leads. If you’d like to find out more about these positions, or volunteer to help out with an event, please contact us at

Shawnda Muir


Marriage Tip: 

Time spent with your spouse and children is precious! Try to be truly present to them by detaching from social media and other technologies as much as possible.

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