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Preparing for Lent!

Fasting, Prayer and Almsgiving 

Every year Ash Wednesday quickly approaches and I find myself doing last minute scrambling deciding how I want to journey through Lent. I invite you to join me in thinking about our Lenten journey ahead of time. 

During Lent we are reminded of the call to the threefold discipline of fasting, prayer and almsgiving. Decide now what this might mean for yourself and for your family. From what shall we fast this Lent? When can we find time to pray this Lent? How am I called to share this Lent?  Don’t limit yourself to the traditional understanding of the threefold discipline.  Times have changed and so have we! 

Fasting cultivates inner joy. It means giving up or taking on something to lead us to God.  It might now mean taking public transportation, reducing usage of plastic, shutting the water off when you soap and shampoo. It might mean fasting from Gossip or complaining.  Yes, fasting from harmful foods is still an option. Why not?! Remember the fast is for 40 days. It begins Ash Wednesday and lasts until Easter/Holy Saturday. The fast is lifted on Sunday’s because every Sunday is a ‘little Easter.’  What can you fast from so as to lead you to prayer and presence of God. 

Prayer during Lent might now mean simply setting aside or making a little more time with God.  It may be making an effort to go for a walk in silence. Maybe trying a new form of prayer or reading one of the four Gospels. Consider signing up for Dynamic Catholic’s “Best Lent Ever”   

Almsgiving is a form a prayer because it is sacrificial giving to God. It might now mean volunteering to share of your time and talent. It might be stretching yourself a little more in sharing your treasure. It might mean bringing food or clothes for charity to our bins at the back of the Church. 

Lent begins with mass on Ash Wednesday at 9:30am or 7:00pm.  I sincerely wish you the best Lent ever!  As you discern what your Lenten journey will look like, listen to God.  God will show you the way.

Fr. Kevin   

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