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The face of lethal hatred has once again emerged in our world. On March 14, 2019, Moslem worshippers were gunned down in sacred places – 41 murdered at Masjid Al Noor and 8 murdered at Linwood Masjid in Christchurch, New Zealand. We would like to join people from all over the world in expressing our horror at this terrible assault. We also want to extend our sympathies to the victims, their families and their community. These and other recent attacks make it clear that we face a world-wide movement of white supremacy that displays no hesitation in using extreme violence to achieve its ends – Quebec City, January 2017; Pittsburgh, October 2018 and now Christchurch March 2019 to name just a recent few. Fueled by hate, taking inspiration from past horrific attacks and enabled by the internet, more attacks are surely to come. Therefore, while it is good that the world should come together to condemn these actions, we need to understand that more than words are necessary to confront the face of hate. We cannot simply ask God to “fix” this. We are required to act and take responsibility for hate and its speech in our own communities. Otherwise, we will continue to attend more funerals and memorials.

"We need urgently to educate young generations to become actively involved in the struggle against hatred and discrimination, but also in the overcoming of conflicting positions in the past, and never to grow tired of seeking the other. Indeed, to prepare a truly human future, rejecting evil is not enough; we need to build the common good together." ~ Pope Francis January 29, 2018  

Greg Barrett Coordinator, Interchurch and Interfaith Learning Archdiocese of St. Boniface


Statement from the Manitoba Multifaith Council:   

  MMC CONNECTS March 15, 2019 

MISSION      The Manitoba Multifaith Council exists to promote multifaith dialogue and understanding, while collaborating to serve the community as a whole 

VISION     People of diverse faiths working together to build a just and caring society

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Manitoba Multifaith Council, I offer our deepest sympathy to the victims and families of the horrific shootings at two mosques in New Zealand.   As attacks on places of worship proliferate around the world, it is essential for us to join together to condemn all expressions of hatred. We are witnessing an explosion of racism and violence around the world. Hate speech is supported by all too many as free speech and an inherent right.  Simply put, that means we are not doing enough -- to educate, to condemn, and to join together to combat hate.   We can only be stronger when standing together.  

Belle Jarniewski, President Multifaith Council     

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