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Eggs, baskets, bunnies. All of these are great fun, but Easter is about so much more. Easter is the story of the worst day becoming the best day in all of human history.

After Jesus died on the cross, hope seemed lost forever. This man who claimed to be the Son of God, with power to perform mighty miracles and to renew the world, was no longer with his followers. Darkness covered the earth and they hid in fear, convinced they would be next.

But something new and unexpected happened.

Instead of lying there, lifeless in the tomb, Jesus came back to life again! This is the Resurrection: an extraordinary victory in the face of defeat. Jesus conquered death so that we might conquer death. He lives forever so that we might live forever with him in heaven.

That is what Easter is really all about. At Easter we remember the greatest of all great moments—Jesus’ Resurrection. And that is why Easter is the oldest and most joyous celebration of the year.


Catholics begin their celebration of Easter on Holy Saturday with the Easter Vigil, a special Mass late in the evening. This Mass marks Jesus’ passage from death to life. It is as if we are at the tomb of Jesus, eagerly awaiting his Resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday.

Get ready! You will see things at the Easter Vigil that you’ve never seen at any other Mass: a blazing fire outside, the church shrouded in darkness, every person holding a candle, children and adults joining the Catholic family. And that’s just a taste of what makes the Easter Vigil so unique!


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