Why Volunteer at MMOC?

Why Volunteer at MMOC?

Do you ever wonder how churches operate with so few staff?

Do you ever wonder why people volunteer? 

Check out this video on why other parishioners volunteer at MMOC!  And then consider joining our volunteer team. You will receive personal fulfilment, and enjoy friendships as well!

MMOC goal - All parishioners volunteer in at least one ministry per year.

Opportunities for all kinds of schedules, skill sets and interets are available. It doesn't have to take lots of time ie. serving communion during Mass, or greeting people on the way into Mass. You are attending Mass anyway, so even this small commitment once in a while will help the parish thrive, and help you receive more fulfilment as a Christian disciple.

Bonus - we have awesome fun annual volunteer appreciation events. Check out this video from our last event!

My personal challenge for you is to sign up for one activity minimum. If you have a busy schedule, just start small if needed. The key is to START. Then over time as life allows and the Holy Spirit guides you, you can increase your time commitment.

Check out the list of volunteer opportunities available here, or via parish groups in our website, or by reviewing this brochure.

I look forward to seeing you help out - You can do it! 

God Bless,


MMOC Parish Council Chairperson

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