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MMOC is excited to dedicate the 2nd weekend of each month as CONNECT SUNDAY!

Parishioners are encouraged to bring friends along - even if they are not Catholic. Everyone is welcome.

The weekend experience will be tailored for newcomers, including:

  • Name tags to personalize the experience and encourage people to get to know their fellow parishioners better.
  • Mass visuals and prompts to explain the Mass in simple language
  • Welcome table with volunteers available to provide further information
  • Refreshments following Mass to welcome newcomers and encourage parishioners to mingle with others.

 Feedback from the first Connect Sunday was very positive:

"Thanks for the opportunity to meet new people, and put names to faces."

"Great idea.... I appreciate being able to greet people by name."

"Friendly idea.... would love to have Fr. Kevin invite people to an activity when doing the opening greeting, such as how long have you been attending MMOC. Great way to get to know people better."

"I see people many times, but often don't recall their names. Thanks for the name tags."