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For over 50 years, Development and Peace - Caritas Canada has worked in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to build a world of justice, side by side with poor and oppressed peoples.

In order to support this work - young people come together in Canada each Lent through THINKfast to raise funds in their churches and schools by fasting from food and learning about global justice. But this year, we cannot gather in churches and schools or anywhere else in the community. So we are gathering on-line this year instead for the first ever National THINKfast! And this year, THINKfast is not just for young people - everyone is invited to join in!

Show our THINKfasters across Canada that you support their efforts to care for others in these pandemic times by either joining our team or making a donation!

Our National THINKfast team will be raising funds for Development and Peace by fasting from 7pm on Holy Thursday (April 9th) until 2pm on Good Friday (April 10th). Participants will be gathing online for different activities online during this period, which are outlined on the National THINKfast program webpage.

For the schedule of events, please click here

If you have any questions, please contact Jason, Youth Ministry Leader: