Do you have questions about life?

Everyone has questions.

Questions about purpose, eternity and love. If you find your are far away from God, or not really sure about Faith and Church, Alpha will answer many of the questions you have about God and about life. On the other hand, if you have been faithful your whole life, Alpha will revitalize your faith and bring you fresh enthusiasm. 

Your faith is more than going to Mass on Sundays. Come discover how your Faith can become more meaningful!

The Alpha program is internationally renowned and has been the catalyst of growth in so many parishes in this country and around the world. Each evening will begin with a meal (so we can just spend time together) followed by videos and small group discussions (but don’t worry! You will never be forced to share if you’d rather just listen).


Here are some highlights from past Alphas: 

Alpha was one of the higlights of our parish life last year. We learned so much about God’s intimate love for each of us. Here are some highlights of our time together:

Each week we got to share a meal together as a parish community. It was nice to start the night relaxing after a long day, chit-chatting with new and old friends about our week. Thank you everyone for all the lovely dishes you prepared and brought to share.

The informative yet moving videos. The teachings and testimonies truly deepened our faith by highlighting what matters most in life. Every week we left a little more grateful for the gift of Faith and a little more hopeful knowing God is always with us.  

The enriching small-group time. Who knew we could learn so much from one another? It was meaningful to share with others about how the teachings and testimonies in the videos were affecting our day-to-day life.