Shawnda Muir
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Don’t Give Up Chocolate for Lent!

You are invited to join me and your fellow parishioners for BEST LENT EVER, a free email program from Dynamic Catholic.

Lent comes every year. It’s meant to be a time when we invite God to help us become the-best-version-of-ourselves. But for many of us, Lent isn’t a transformative experience. It’s just a time when we give up chocolate or something else we enjoy, then go back to it at Easter.

This year, you can change that with BEST LENT EVER. You’ll receive daily emails with short inspirational videos, practical tips for everyday life, and real-life stories to encourage you in your journey. All you have to do is sign up at

And if you have additional time and interest, please join us on Thursday nights during Lent for Worship/Small Group Studies following this same program - Perfectly Yourself - the book handed out at Christmas time. Click here for more details.