Children's Rehabilitation Foundation Ride August 26

Manitoba Knights on Bikes participated in the Bikes from Bikers ride for the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation. 
We are all blessed in many ways in our lives, but at certain times we are especially blessed. Saturday, August 26, was one of those times, meeting the children and having the opportunity to spend time with them and seeing how happy they were was a total Honor. 
The children led the start of the ride with their custom-built bikes.  I wish I could explain what I saw in their faces as they proudly pedalled their bikes forward.
It was a cool ride to Steinbach where the ride ended at Boston Pizza. We had lunch there and returned to the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation, where we were greeted once again by the staff and volunteers.  We were then given a tour of the new facility.
Many thanks to Adele the staff, volunteers and all the other riders that came out for the event God bless them all    Gerry Chaput (Shotput)