Theresa Hill
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There has been a rapid increase of COVID cases in Manitoba, and our provincial government has responded by tightening up some of the public health restrictions.  These restrictions will be in place from May 9 - May 30, 2021.

For us, this means that there will be no gatherings in church.  Until (and including) May 30, churches must be closed to the public-- this means no in-person Mass, faith formation activities, meetings, youth group, sacramental preparation etc.  Our office is still open during business hours, and private prayer in the sanctuary is available - please call for an appointment time.

Although you can't come to church, we will still be livestreaming our Sunday Mass to you at home!   We are permitted to have a team come together at church in order to produce our livestreamed Mass for you.  Please join us on our YouTube page or via our website.

Weddings, funerals and baptisms are permitted, but are limited to 10 people.

Although not attending Mass and receiving the Eucharist is a big loss for people, please view this shutdown as an act of Christian charity, caring for others (family, friends, and strangers) and our community.  Fr. JB will continue saying a private Mass each day and, in this way, will be in communion with and praying for the whole parish.

Please continue to pray for Fr. JB and your fellow parishioners during this difficult time.