Theresa Hill
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Beginning on April 28, churches are allowed to have only a maximum of 10 people in attendance.


We have decided that we will not be having in-person Masses on Saturday / Sunday.  We will continue to livestream the 9 am Mass but this Mass will only be attended by the necessary team members.  This is not the news we wanted to share with you, as we know how much people love gathering as a community and receiving the Eucharist but, given the circumstances in our province, it is necessary and the right thing to do.


We will, however, offer 4 weekday Masses (maximum 10 people in attendance).  This schedule will begin on Tuesday, May 11:

Tuesday - 6:30 pm

Wednesday - 9:30 am

Thursday - 9:30 am

Friday - 6:30 pm

There will be weekday masses (registration required) on April 28 (6:30 pm), April 29 (9:30 am) and April 30 (6:30 pm).  There will be no masses during the week May 3 - May 7.

Please pre-register by emailing or calling 204-261-1579 ext. 2.  Also, please note that these masses will only accommodate a very small number of our parishioners, so we ask you to register for no more than one mass per week.