Theresa Hill
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This weekend is Fr. Kevin's final weekend at our parish.  After nine years with us, he will be greatly missed!  With Fr. Kevin's spirit-led guidance, we have grown in faith and love together, and he leaves behind a parish which is stonger than when he first walked through our doors in 2011.

He has impacted each member of our parish - from the youngest to the oldest.   For some, we will most remember one of his homilies that brought new understanding of the Word of God.  For some, what stands out most is how he welcomed every person to our parish, with no judgment, only love.  And, for all us, we recall his smile, his laugh, and his jokes!  

With Fr. Kevin, people come to Mass, not because they have to, but because they want to!  He has blessed our community in so many ways, and now it is time for him to continue to shepherd the people of God, but as Pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish.  May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire Fr. Kevin in this next chapter of his life.

Thank you, Fr. Kevin, for your joy, your leadership, your openess, but most of all for showing us God's love and mercy.  We love you, and wish you all the best at Blessed Sacrament!