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Friends in Faith - Adult book study

What awesome messages we are learning about in this Rick Warren Series on relationships - You Make Me Crazy!  

This applies to relationships in all areas in life - with spouse, kids, colleagues, and friends.  You are guaranteed to learn some nuggets!

If you can't attend the Monday night sessions - I encourage you to follow along the key notes from the classes. We will update them each week with latest session notes. Scroll down!

As well, you can always follow along online with the audio sessions and messages here. (scroll down to the November 2016 messages)


Lesson #6 - Keeping the Crazymakers from Making You Crazy

Types of Crazymakers:

  1. Demanding
  2. Disapproving
  3. Deafening
  4. Destructive
  5. Discontented
  6. Demeaning

How to Deal with Difficult People:

  1. Refuse to be offended
  2. Don't wait for an apology to forgive them
  3. Refuse to gossip about them
  4. Refuse to play their game
  5. Refuse to cave in
  6. Always take the high road

Lesson #5 - Escaping the People-Pleaser Trap

Why Trying to Please everyone is a trap:

It causes me to miss God's purpose for my life.

Six Cures to Approval Addiction:

  1. Even God CAN'T PLEASE everybody (ie football game, losing team not happy)
  2. I don't need ANYONE'S APPROVAL to be happy (God always loves you)
  3. What seems so important now is ONLY TEMPORARY (Heaven is the key)
  4. I only have to please ONE PERSON (God)
  5. One day I'll give an ACCOUNT of my life (Heaven's gate)
  6. God SHAPED ME to be me.


Lesson #4 – Breaking Free From Abuse

Seven Steps to Freedom:

1.     Don’t keep it a SECRET

2.     Name the ABUSE

Eight Kinds of Emotional Abuse

1.     Aggravation

2.     Intimidation

3.     Denigration

4.     Humiliation

5.     Manipulation

6.     Defamation

7.     Condemnation

8.     Domination

3.     Don’t MINIMIZE it, don’t RATIONALIZE it.

4.     Help them to as SAFE PLACE if necessary.

5.     Don’t CONFRONT an abuser by yourself.

6.     Begin the HEALING PROCESS.



Lesson #3 - Resolving Conflict

Seven Steps for Resolving Conflict:

  1. Take the INITIATIVE
    • Four things you must do in setting up the meeting:
      1. Choose the RIGHT TIME.
      2. Choose the RIGHT PLACE.
      3. PRAY before the meeting.
      4. Come with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.
  2. Confess my part of the CONFLICT
  3. Listen for the HURT
  4. Consider their PERSPECTIVE
  5. Tell the truth TACTFULLY
  6. Fix the PROBLEM not the BLAME.

***It's always more rewarding to RESOLVE the conflict than to DISSOLVE the relationship!!!


Lesson #2 - Who's Pushing Your Buttons

Four Categories of Anger:

  1. The MACHINE GUNS: they let you have it.
  2. The MUTES: they clam up.
  3. The MARTYRS: they throw pity parties.
  4. The MANIPULATORS: they don't get mad, they get even.

How to Disarm Anger:

  • Calculate the COST of anger.
  • Look past their words to THEIR PAIN.
  • Think before REACTING.

Three Causes of Anger:

  1. Hurt
  2. Frustration
  3. Fear


Base YOUR IDENTITY in Jesus.


Lesson #1 - Six Keys to Peace in a Relationship

Six Things Wise People Never Do:

  1. Wisdom that comes from heaven is PURE
    • If I want to be wise in my relationships... I won't COMPROMISE MY INTEGRITY.
  2. Wisdom is PEACE LOVING
    • If I want to be wise in my relationships... I won't ANTAGONIZE YOUR ANGER.
  3. Wisdom is GENTLE
    • If I want to be wise in my relationships... I won't MINIMIZE YOUR FEELINGS.
  4. Wisdom is willing to YIELD to others
    • If I want to be wise in my relationships... I won't CRITICIZE YOUR SUGGESTIONS.
  5. Wisdom is full of MERCY and GOOD DEEDS
    • If I want to be wise in my relationships... I won't EMPHASIZE YOUR MISTAKES.
  6. Wisdom is IMPARTIAL and always SINCERE
    • If I want to be wise in my relationships... I won't DISGUISE MY INTENTIONS.