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As you know, Fr. Kevin will be leaving us at the end of July to become pastor at Blessed Sacrament Parish.  They are fortunate to have him, and we wish him all the best at his new parish!

The parish of Mary, Mother was very lucky to have Fr. Kevin as our pastor for nine years!  With him, we have grown, both in size and in our faith, and we have many fond memories of him.  We can't let him leave without giving him a memory of us, and we need your help to do that!

You can help in three different ways:

1) Financial Contibution

We are collecting cash donations at the parish office for a gift.  Any amount is appreciated!

2) A Written Memoir

We are putting together a "Memoir", a book of memories submitted by parishioners.  Please share a short recollection of your time with Fr. Kevin.  You can submit this online here, or bring a written copy to the parish office.

3) A Farewell Video

YOMMOC (the youth and young adults of MMOC) are putting together a farewell video for Fr. Kevin. 

The farewell video will be a compilation of 3 - 10 second long videos submitted by parishioners. In their videos, parishioners can share their farewell and/or words of thanks to Father Kevin. For those interested, please send videos to the following email address:

If possible, please submit your video in all three of the following video formats listed below. We strongly suggest sending 1 video per email. In total, you may have to send 3 different emails.

1.) A horizontally orientated cellphone/smartphone video (*preferred format),

2.) A vertically orientated cellphone/smartphone video and

3.) A regular video camera recording (if you can!)

In the email, if you wish, you may also indicate the names of the people in the video.

The farewell video will be viewed by Father Kevin and parishioners at the all the Masses his last weekend here (July 25/26) and on the parish website. If you have any questions, please contact