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All Parishioners are invited to pray The Living Rosary       

A Lenten Devotion with The Sorrowful Mysteries.

          Sunday March 10th to Saturday April 14th.

Pray all the Sorrowful mysteries while praying one decade daily for a period of 5 weeks.


The Living Rosary is sanctioned by The Catholic Church as a continuation of the Rosary. It was formed in 1826 and was inspired to pull together a group of people, by which each person would pray a specific decade of the Rosary every day and collectively would complete the entire rosary every day.

At Mary Mother, each person or family starts off by praying a given decade of the Rosary every day for 1 week, and then skips on to the following decade and now prays it, daily for 1 week. 

For example, if your beginning decade that you’re given is the 2nd decade which is mystery of THe Scourging at the Pillar, you would pray this one decade daily for one week and then you would skip down to the following decade, the mystery of The Crowning of Thorns, and pray it, daily, for 1 week carrying on in this manner until all the Sorrowful mysteries are done.

Important to remember:

  • Find your first designated decade on the front of your envelope.
  • Always read the scriptural text.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to inspire you.
  • Enter the scene of the mystery event.
  • Begin your living Rosary in the same order
    • The sign of the cross,
    • The Creed,
    • Our Father,
    • 3 Hail Mary’s,
    • Glory be etc.
  • All information is in the envelope, even how to say the Rosary and all it’s prayers.