Shawnda Muir
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The Marriage, Family and Life program at Mary, Mother of the Church....

Is excited to invite you to participate in our series of monthly presentations to help build positive relationships and success in all areas of our lives.    

Can you relate to any of these statements:

·        I’m single and scared to enter the dating world.

·        I thought marriage would be easier than this. I thought raising kids would be easier than this!

·        I just don’t feel the same spark I used to for my spouse.

·        I wish I knew how to better connect with my kids or grand kids.

·        I’m tired of struggling with my boss or coworkers.

·        Our kids have left home and I feel so empty. What is my purpose now?

·        Midlife is around the corner and I keep wondering… is this all there is to life?

·        I’m widowed, separated or divorced and feel so lonely and scared.

·        I never feel appreciated. I don’t feel respected.  

Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones:

·        I feel so blessed in life and would like to be thankful by helping others in their relationships.

Whether you are single, dating, or engaged; newlyweds, married with young or older children; empty nesters, retired, seniors, or  grandparents; widowed, separated, or divorced;  you will benefit from all these presentations in two key ways:

1.      You will learn how to build and maintain positive relationships in all areas of your life.

2.      You will be surrounded and supported by friends going thru similar life situations.

And if you happen to be one of the fortunate people or couples who feel blessed in your life now, then we need you too. You can be great mentors for others in the groups. 

Do you remember in the olden days when families were raised by their communities? Well, that’s what we need to build at MMOC too. A community of people caring for each other.

The first MFL event was held on Monday September 24, featuring The Five Love Languages - Part 1. Part 2 of this Five Love Language topic will be on October 22.  Click here for details including a summary of Part 1 event.

We hope to see you there.

Shawnda Muir and Chiaka Enabiofo,
Marriage, Family and Life Co-Leads