Shawnda Muir
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Why do people fall in love? Why do they fall out of love? What do they want most in marriage? How can a bad marriage become a great marriage?

NOTE - Click here for Session Summary notes and homework!

Dr. Harley's basic concepts address these and other important aspects of marriage building. They will give you an overview of his unique approach to resolving marital conflict and restoring love.

MMOC's next series of marriage presentations will follow Dr. Harley's practical hands-on program which includes assessments, videos, discussions and workbooks based on the following books:

- His Needs, Her Needs  
- Love Busters
- The 5 Steps to Romantic Love
- He Wins, She Wins - the Art of Marital Negotiating
- Surviving an Affair

Each session will be from 7-9 pm at MMOC.

- January 28 - Program Overview, testimonies, initial assessments, book orders 
- February 11 - His Needs, Her Needs  
- March 4 - Love Busters
- March 18 - The 5 Steps to Romantic Love
- April 15 - He Wins, She Wins - the Art of Marital Negotiating
- May 6 - Surviving an Affair

This series will be helpful for any one in a relationship, wanting to learn from a prior relationship, or interested in a new relationship.

Here is some of the feedback I’ve heard so far from participants and/or people reviewing the program:

  • Great practical tools, that appeals especially to guys who often are not as comfortable with the emotional stuff.
  • The videos, assessments, books, workbooks and homework (and Shawnda’s facilitating) were great at walking us thru the process of restoring our love and marriage that was on its way to divorce, but thankfully, our family is happily back together now.
  • The tools are great for working on at home individually (learned lots about myself) and together (learned lots about each other and how to better handle conflict and our differences)
  • I wish I would have known this information before. I’m sure it could have helped to save my marriage that has now sadly ended in divorce.
  • This information looks great. I can’t wait to hear more about it, to learn what went wrong in my last marriage and to prevent in future relationships.

While ideally you'd be able to attend all the sessions, you will benefit from any one session. As well, there will be materials posted to catch up on any sessions missed.

We look forward to seeing you out.

For more information, contact Shawnda.

The Marriage Family and Life Ministry Team!