Theresa Hill
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At Mary, Mother we want to help families grow together in faith. Why? Parents are, without a doubt, the most effective witnesses of faith for their children.
With this is mind, we are replacing our traditional classroom model of children's catechism to a family-based model of catechism. In our new "Family Faith Formation", our parish will provide a space where families learn and grow together. Families will gather once a month from October to May to learn about their Catholic faith and to grow closer to God through prayer, activities, crafts and games that families will do together.
Our first session, "Saints by My Side", will take place later this month and will focus on our Catholic saints.  We will learn through age-appropriate activities.  Families have a choice of two sessions:  either Wednesday, October 20 or Tuesday, October 26 (both sessions start at 6 pm and will be approximately one and a half hours.)  All parish families are invited to join us!
For for more information, please email or sign up here 
What about catechists? Are you intrigued or inspired by the idea of helping families become better equipped to pass on their Catholic faith? We need the help of catechists who will act as facilitators for the faith formation sessions. Contact if you would like more information.