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To move from a maintenance to missionary church requires clear direction for both the parish and parishioners.  Over the last two years, the Parish Renewal and Growth team has been working hard at creating a new parish Mission Statement, Vision Statement and most recently, Values and Expecations.  

Mission Statement (2016):

Love God, Love Others, Reach Out and Build Disciples.

Vision Statement (2017):

Mary, Mother of the Church is a vibrant Catholic community growing together in faith, inviting all to encounter Christ and forming missionary disciples.

And now we are pleased to share MMOC's Values and Expectations (2018).

Values & Expectations

MMOC's key values are:

  • Worship (Weekend Experience)
  • Discipleship (Faith)
  • Fellowship (Community)
  • Ministry (Service)
  • Evangelize (Share the Gospel)

MMOC's hope is to meet people where they are at in their spiritual journey, without being judgemental, and to encourage them to take one step further.

Please review the following expectations that have been set for both the Parish (to provide) and Parishioners (to do).

Worship (Weekend Experience)

Parish: Dynamic & relevant liturgy, homily and sacrament celebration, uplifting music, and welcoming atmosphere  

Parishioners: All members gather and participate in Sunday worship. Be open to the Holy Spirit. Get to know others. Give financial offering generously, willingly and out of gratitude to God. 

Discipleship (Faith)

Parish: A place where you will experience transformation to become more and more the person God has created you to be.  

Parishioners: Become lifelong learners. Set faith goals. Practise faith at home. Participate in at least 1 faith program per year. Have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Fellowship (Community)

Parish: Place where you belong. A welcoming atmosphere where you are loved and supported in your spiritual journey. Where your input is valued and where your needs are addressed.  

Parishioners: Have a mass/prayer partner. Intentionally reach out to connect with others. Participate in at least one small group or parish fellowship event per year.  

Ministry (Service)

Parish: Help people discover their unique gifts and talents, providing the opportunity to go serve God and others. Provide opportunities for charity (i.e. food banks), provide mentors, and establish a culture of acknowledgement.  

Parishioners: To discern your unique gifts and talents. To serve the parish by regularly using these gifts and talents. To be involved in at least one ministry per year.

Evangelize (Share the Gospel)

Parish: Process to attract people to Jesus. Teach people how to evangelize. Provide opportunities for new people to encounter Jesus.  

Parishioners: Inviting and encouraging others to develop a personal relationship with God. Be open to learning ways to share faith with others. Use gifts and talents to share the Gospel. Seek opportunities to share our faith and invite others to our community.