Shawnda Muir
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Greetings fellow parishioners.

On behalf of the Pastoral Parish Council (PPC) – we miss you and fellowship with our Parish Community! We hope you are surviving this Covid experience ok, and can’t wait for life and our church community to get back to normal – whatever the new normal may look like.

Our primary focus of Covid so far at MMOC has been the Mass delivery online, e-communications, parishioner phone calls, as well as providing support as needed for fellow parishioners. However, thankfully we now can start moving our efforts towards our parish REOPENING!

The PPC is pleased to provide the following updates on – New Priest and Parish Reopening, including how you can participate in MMOC’s success moving forward:

Fr. Kevin/Our New Priest

As announced by Bishop LeGatt back in late February March, Fr. Kevin’s term with MMOC is ending July 31. He will be missed dearly, and while there has been much desire by many parishioners to find a way to extend his position, and requests made to Bishop LeGatt, I received confirmation from Bishop LeGatt today (May 21) that he will indeed be leaving July 31, and the new priest will be announced on June 15.  (Please click here for further details on discussions along the way.)

Parish Reopening

With the recent announcement that the health authorities are now allowing up to 25 people inside & 50 outside, the archdiocese is also allowing parishes to consider opening in controlled fashion, ensuring Covid rules are met along the way.

PPC’s plan for moving forward

  • June 4 - Forum - PPC with interested parishioners,   7-8:30 pm via zoom (instructions will be available later in this calendar booking).
    • Purpose - To provide parishioners:
      • Information on steps taken to date 
      • An opportunity to be heard regarding the priest change or other topics
      • An opportunity to volunteer for the planning teams moving forward 

  • June 23 – Annual Assembly, 7-9 pm.  (location to be finalized)
    • Purpose
      • To announce and welcome our new Priest
      • To share the next phase of MMOC’s Parish Renewal and Growth

  • Volunteers needed for ongoing MMOC success:
    • MMOC reopening planning team (research best practices, covid logistics, volunteers required etc.) and then implementation team.
    • Priest celebration planning team (Fr. Kevin farewell and the welcome for our new priest)
    • Parish Council vacancies (vice-chair, strategy member, ministry leads for welcoming & hospitality, Evangelization/Small-Life Groups, Prayer, Communications)

    • Please email us if you can assist with any of these vacancies. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated.

On behalf of the PPC, we invite you to embrace the changes ahead at MMOC with us, to ensure our continued success.  We look forward to working with and serving you all in the upcoming months, as we.... GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD.


Shawnda Muir
Parish Council Chairperson