Volunteer Vacancies

Can you help out?


“We need your help” for urgent vacancies!!!  Come to the Volunteer Recruitment Weekend on Jan 12 & Jan 13 before and after masses.  See you there!



05/09/2017 "Everyone has something to give to society; no one is excluded from contributing to the good of all." Tweet from Pope Francis. 

Bold listings are most urgent. Please click on the relevant links to take you to the appropriate contact person.

Parish Pastoral Council

  1. Welcoming & Hospitality Leader to oversee the greeters, welcome table, after Mass refreshments, ambassadors, and new parishioner events.
  2. Social Justice Leader to oversee the many social justice activities that are ongoing in the parish.  
  3. Communication Specialist - to create and coordinate key strategic messaging for various MMOC activities.

Welcoming and Hospitality 

  1. Greeters at weekend Masses, funerals, and other occasions
  2. Ushers at weekend Masses
  3. After weekend Sunday Masses coffee/juice/food servers
  4. Welcome / Information Centre table attendants  

Liturgical Ministers

  1. Altar Servers (if you have received your First Communion, you can serve.)
  2. Proclaimers of the Word
  3. Eucharistic Ministers

Audio Visual & Content Technicians (for any of the following)

  1. To create content for parts of the Mass to be displayed on the screens near the altar
  2. To create and publish content for the lobby TVs and pre-Mass church presentations weekly (powerpoint, images and videos)
  3. To operate the visual (new for screens) equipment for any of the four weekend Masses
  4. To give technical support to other programs such as Prayer Group twice a month from 6:45 to 8:00 pm on Mondays
  5. To assist with the parish Facebook and other social media pages
  6. To assist with video recording and editing
  7. To train others to be able to run various pieces of audio visual equipment
  8. To set up and operate equipment such as microphones, computer power point equipment, etc. for various groups
  9. To operate the audio equipment at each of the four weekend Masses (existing sound ministers) 

Youth Ministry

  1. Helpers at the youth group events. Our young people are our future. Please help.

Marriage Ministry

  1. Marriage, Family and Life - team members - to help plan and roll-out various activities throughout the year.
  2. Marriage Preparation - Facilitator couples

General Volunteers

  1. Artarama  (call Peter Lodewyks @ 204-269-6968 or Walter Berry @ 204-269-2090)
  2. Funeral Receptions
  3. Landscaping/Gardening - help with planting, watering, hoeing, weeding, etc.