**On-line Credit or Debit Card Donations Here

Financial Support  

Financial offerings are critical to MMOC's success and are used in many ways:

  • The day-to-day operation of the parish and its programs. These include:
    • Payroll, maintenance and cleaning of the building, utilities, and supplies.
    • Our liturgical and faith formation programs.
    • Charitable causes.
  • Diocesan Levy - 20 cents of every dollar collected goes to support the Diocesan and Universal Church.

Please give from your heart and according to your means.

  • The recommended guideline is to strive towards offering the equivalent to your first hour of work pay per week.  Thank you for your consideration.

Financial Support Methods

1.   Pre-Authorized Offerings (Direct Deposit via bank account or credit card)

When you register in the parish you have the option to have a specified amount taken out of your bank account or put on your credit card monthly. Please set up this payment via our simple and safe on-line donation form. *

There are two main advantages to this method of financially supporting the parish.

    • You don't have to remember to bring a weekly envelope to church.
    • It saves our office manager many hours each week as envelopes don't have to be opened, amounts recorded for income tax purposes, and cash/cheques deposited at the bank.

Envelopes for special collections throughout the year are made available to direct deposit donors.

*NOTE - if you have an existing monthly pre-authorized donation that you would like converted to this system, please contact Chiaka at MMOC's office first at 204-261-1579 to discuss best timing and cancellation procedures of your existing donation.

2.   Church Envelopes for Weekly Giving

When you register and request a box of envelopes they will be given to you.  Previous to the start of each calendar year, a new box of envelopes with your name will be on tables at the entrance to the church.   

3.   Children's Offerings

A bowl for offerings from children is at the foot of the altar. Proceeds from this collection go to support the various social justice initiatives that the parish supports. Children and adults are encouraged to come up and put in their offering during the general collection.

4.    One time donations

One time donations for any MMOC charities (ie Building, Samaritan, Christmas Hamper etc.) can be made via the online donations form. You will have the ability to select your charity choice.


- MMOC online donations administrative service fees:  credit cards are approximately 1% more than debit card.

– MMOC online donations are processed thru a simple and safe processing company, SafeSave.