Mary, Mother of the Church is a dynamic and active community. There are many ministries that parishioners are able to participate in, including spiritual as well as social activities.  Check the bulletin, website or simply ask around and you will find lots to do and enjoy.  

We are striving to be accepting and inclusive of all people.  Outreach is at our heart, ministering to the poor and those who are victims of society’s injustice, using the resources God has blessed us with.  

As Pastor, I like to get to know our parishioners.  If you would like to drop in for juice or coffee, or invite me to visit you in your home, simply give me a call or email and we can arrange a time.   

We hope you find Mary, Mother a place where people are friendly, where your soul is nourished and where you feel at home.  Again, welcome to the parish.  We look forward to seeing you in Church and around the parish community!  

Rev. Fr. Kevin Bettens