Adult - Friends in Faith

Adult - Friends in Faith

Support for Adults, Marriage, Separation and More

Looking for spiritual support to get you through challenges in life?  Or simply to grow your faith?

We provide spiritual support for adults at every stage - single, married, separated, divorced and widowed.

Please contact Shawnda Muir to see how we can help.





Time for Prayer? How Busy are You?

How simple yet true this statement is!   Do you need to slow down your life? This is a good reminder for me! Read More


God Enters Our Lives.... the moment of our greatest need. How true is that? Can you relate? I sure can! And am I ever thankful He has been here for me during my hardest days!   Follow our social media links at the top of our MMOC... Read More


Giving Inspiration

Allen Hunt from Dynamic Catholic has an excellent point. "The size of your giving is not measured by how much you give, but by how much is left  over after you give." Luke 21:1-4 NIV - The Widow’s Offering - As... Read More