“This is a great group of individuals who have become friends and provide me their perspective on situations all keeping with our faith. The topics covered help me understand my purpose and connect me to my faith.” - Single

 “This group provides value to me in many ways …. Receiving insight from others in their faith, listening, sharing and comforting each other, friendships made, security in not being judged and applying my faith to my marriage and personal relationships.”  – Married

"When I talked to Shawnda over the phone I told her that I wanted a divorce. I'm catholic and I know that God does not like divorce but I could not continue the way things were going. She invited me to the Monday night support program. I wanted more information on how to go about getting a divorce, so I went.  That night God touched my heart. I saw a clip of the movie, "Fire Proof"  and I knew that God was talking to me. God forgave us and I had to do the same for my husband. During that week I felt my heart soften toward him. Shawnda (which I'm sure was God inspired) had also lent me a book which helped immensely and which my husband is also reading. We have a long journey ahead to get to where we want to be. But I know that, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phillippians 4:13
I truly believe that God can work miracles. Since then my husband has started to go back to Sunday mass and has asked me for a Bible. If God had not put Shawnda in my path I would be going through a divorce right now. 
All praise and glory to You Lord!" – Married

 “I look forward to Monday night gatherings. People from different walks of life and situations have been able to meet and form new friendships, listen to other perspectives on life, on situations, on faith and are able to share their viewpoints, experience and opinions.  Personally I feel accepted, supported and acknowledged. I have found a form of healing and a growing sense of peace I never expected to find. Our discussions and studies are helping me become a stronger individual and strengthen my beliefs and my faith and my continued belief and hope in reconciliation.”  Separated

 “The studying that we have done in this group has helped me realize my self-worth and my value as a child of God.  I have also realized that comparing myself to others is unfair because God made me unique to fulfill His plan for me as a follower of His.”  - Divorced

“I benefit so much from the group sharing of problems and round table discussions as I can relate to most of them. The Rick Warren dvd’s and readings as well as movies that we’ve watched together are also great. The Season of Grief book that I was lent really helped me get through the few months after my wife passed away. And I look forward to seeing everyone and learning each week together.” Widow

 “This group provides tremendous spiritual and emotional support for me as I go thru a very tough journey in my life. I look forward to seeing everyone, learning, growing, sharing and giving/receiving comfort each week. The topics covered are all spiritual and life based, and relevant to all adults. Everyone can apply to their own unique circumstances, whether you are single, married, separated/divorced or widowed. Thank you God for this group!” Separated

 “I enjoy the sharing in our Monday night groups - the sharing of painful past memories with friends as well as the sharing of positive memories.   No one judges and no one is judged for past mistakes.” - Divorced

 “We have a group, free to express on content at hand & eager to grow, learn and who have team spirit and support. The program, activities completed and upcoming activities promises uncompromising spiritual growth based on the Catholic Bible - our mission.   As we are all spirits in temporary body and we need to forever spiritually grow in loving, healthy relationships. This is one reason why God created us. We want to strive fulfilling His Purpose for us.”  Widow