CWL National News

  • CWL National theme is "Inspired by the Spirit, Women Respond to God's Love". More information can be found on the national websitw at
  • Check out Be League for information on CWL initiatives and what we have been doing
  • The Catholic Women's League of Canada is celebrating 100 years as a national organization in 2020. A contest to design a logo for this celebration is open to all members.  For complete details refer to the national website for requirements.

  • Catholic Women's Leadership Foundation --  At our Annual Luncheon our guest speaker Claire Heron spoke to us about the formation a charitable organization to provide seed money for a foundation which will help Catholic Women develop leadership skills and abilities. About 70% of the fund goal have been realized. Further information about this foundation and information about making donations are available at Enter Catholic Women's Leadership Foundations in the Search for Charity section and double click on the at name to learn about the charity.