COVID-19 Response Plan

Updated March 1, 2022

Updated March 1, 2022

The provincial government has further loosened health restrictions -- great news for our parish!  Please join us at Mass - registration / signing in no longer required.

As of today:

  • no more capacity limits
  • proof of vaccination is no longer required or requested
  • physical distancing of 2 metres between households is no longer required, but we recommend to keep physical distancing wherever possible.

Updated January 11, 2022

We are currently restricted to 25 people in the church for all Masses.  We can have an additional 25 people in the hall.  Fr. JB will serve communion in the hall in order to keep these two cohorts separate.  For the weekend masses, we are requesting that people register to attend by emailing  We will register 50 people but seating at mass will be on a first come, first serve basis -- the first 25 to arrive will sit in the church, and the next 25 will be seated in the hall.  Thank you for your continued to support during these trying times -- hopefully, we will be able to have increased numbers soon!

Updated September 23, 2021

We are so happy to see more people at church every weekend!  The government allows 50% capacity for our church, but households continue to have to be spaced 2 metres from each other.  Depending on group size, in practical terms, this means we can accommodate about 110 people in the church.  However, we have overflow seating in the hall if we cannot seat everyone in the church.  So far, only the 10:30 Mass has had people sitting in the hall -- if you wish to attend the 10:30 Mass, please be aware that seats in the church are on a first come, first serve basis.

Why do we ask you to pre-register?  Now that our capacity has increased, registering for Mass is done strictly to help make the check-in process faster and easier. People who have registered in advance will not need to sign in at the door.  Pre-registration has eliminated the traffic jam we used to have at the door with everyone waiting their turn to sign in.  We appreciate pre-registration but it's not a requirement to attend Mass.  To register:  email

Updated July 14, 2021

Effective Saturday, July 17, the Manitoba government is increasing capacity for all faith-based gatherings.  These new restrictions will allow up to 150 people attend Mass at Mary, Mother of the Church, as long as family groups are separated by at least 2 metres.  Masks are still requires.  

Please register for Mass by emailing

Updated June 24, 2021

Beginning on June 25, some of the restrictions will be loosened.  This is wonderful news that we have all been looking forward to!  

We will be allowed to have in-person Mass for up to 25 people.  Indoor weddings, funerals, and baptisms continue to be capped at 10 people.

Since 25 people per Mass does not come close to meeting the needs of our parish, we have decided to have two in-person masses on the weekend - Saturday at 5:00 pm and Sunday at 9:00 am.  Please reserve a seat by emailing  From 10:15 am until noon on Sundays, Fr. JB will offer drive-up Communion.  You may park your car and take a turn to come inside the church to receive Communion.

Weekday masses for up to 25 people will be Tuesday at 6:00 pm, and Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 am.  (No Mass on Canada Day!)  Please reserve a spot by emailing

Updated May 29, 2021

On May 27, the provincial government extended the current restrictions until June 12.  This means that we will not be having any in-person Masses or meetings through June 12, 2021.  We can continue to have weddings, funerals, and baptisms with a maximum of 10 people in attendance.  

Please join us on-line each week and watch our Sunday Mass on our YouTube channel.

Updated May 10, 2021

Churches are currently closed to the public.  For us at MMOC, this means there can be no in-person Masses, adoration, sacramental preparation, youth group, meetings etc.

We will be livestreaming our Sunday Mass to you each week.

Weddings, funerals, and baptisms are permitted, to a maximum of 10 people.

These restrictions are in effect May 9 - May 30, 2021.

Updated:  March 13, 2021

The current capacity of our chuch is 100 people.

Reservations are required.  Reserve your seat by emailing or calling Theresa at 204-261-1579 ext. 2.  

You may have heard a government announcement that, once seated at church, people do NOT have to wear masks.   Our staff and parishioners are concerned about this change and, we have decided that, at MMOC, we will require people to wear masks at all times.  This is for the safety and comfort of our community as a whole.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Updated: February 20, 2021

The Manitoba government has loosened the Covid-19 restrictions, and we are now allowed to have in-person Mass again.  This is wonderful news that we have all been looking forward to!

Attendance at Mass is limited to 50 people, not including the celebrant (Fr. JB).  Because there is such a high demand, we require registration in advance.  If you arrive without a reservation, you will be able to wait if you wish, and once Mass begins, if there are any available spaces, you may join the Mass.  If you are unable to get a reservation, we will do our best to register you at the following week's Mass...we want to give as many people as possible a chance to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist.

Please register by emailing, or by calling Theresa at 204-261-1579 ext. 2.

We also have Mass on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings at 9:30 am.  These masses usually don't have more than 50 people attend, so no reservation is required -- first come, first serve.

Please follow our Covid-19 protocol:

  • Do not attend Mass if you have returned from travel outside Manitoba in the last 14 days
  • Do not attend Mass if you are feeling unwell
  • Please use hand sanitizer
  • Please sign our Covid-19 contact tracing form
  • Maintain 2 metre distance between household groups - please pay special attention to this when lining up for Communion and when leaving after Mass